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These banners represent the core of our commercial sponsors. While it is easy to belong and participate in a group like ours, it is hard to make sure there are enough funds to ensure our events are a success. That is where these guys come in. Each of these advertisers have helped us out in some way this year. As a way of showing them thanks, we are placing their banner on our site in hopes that our membership and guests will give these guys preferential treatment when it comes time to order a product. To order something, or to view the products that these people sell, just click on their banner. We view it as a kinda of “you scratch my back, and we will scratch yours” situation.

We here at the OPHA want to say “Thank You” to the following sponsors for their contributions.

Arkyyoter Game Calls

J G Custom Calls

If you would like to participate in our advertising program, please send an E-mail to for our rates and information.

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